Monday Funday!

Song to kick start the run: Better Life, Keith Urban
Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1 hour
Route: Fort Mason, Marina Green, Crissy Field

For most of the working world, Mondays can be a drag. A flooded inbox, long to do lists… My cure to a case of the Mondays? A lunchtime run!

Since The San Francisco Marathon Fall Training Program has been finished, I haven’t had Monday night runs to go to. I also like to be able to catch some daylight, and in the thick of winter, daylight hours can be hard to come by.

My monday runs used to be shorter, 4-5 miles. A few months ago I asked Abe (my training guru) to revise my training plan. He told me to add more mileage onto my Monday and Wednesday runs when I feel up to it because the “during the week” mileage is what really improves endurance and speed. It has seemed to help my running a lot.

So I headed down to the waterfront, and joined the other lunchtime joggers out on the trail. It was beautiful and clear down on Crissy Field. I turned around at the warming hut and made my way back.

We’ve got some exciting things going on at the marathon this week- We announced December’s Social Media Challenge today. We are asking runners to go on a night time run with their family, friends, running club in a neighborhood with lots of lights and holiday decorations out. See the decorations on foot to be “Green”, take photos of your favorite display and submit them to us on facebook or twitter. Our winners will win a 2o10 Official In Training Recycled Tech Tee. I’ll be doing my run with my dad and sister next week, but also may throw on an ugly sweater and take the marathon staff out for a spin to see some lights too. 🙂


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