Splashing in Puddles

Song to jump start the run: No Reins, Rascall Flatts
Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1:04
Waking up early for a run is not always my style, especially when the rain is pouring down. BUT, I do know myself well enough to know that once I head out the door and my shoes are hitting the pavement, I’ll be having a great time and feel great. So this morning at around 7 am, I threw on my shoes and my Garmin and headed straight for Golden Gate Park. Less than a half of a mile into the run, I was already soaked.
Being from Seattle, I know how to enjoy the rain. I splashed my way through the puddles of Golden Gate Park, past the soccer fields, the Japanese tea garden, stow lake, and down Middle Drive West. The great thing about Golden Gate Park is that there are miles of trails and roads, and the options for routes are limitless. It is also a great route through the city or to Ocean Beach. There are always runners out, but it never feels crowded. I also love that there are rolling hills, which aren’t always noticeable but they do add to the quality of the run. I ran the full 7 miles in the park and headed home ready to conquer the day.
Today I started working on our runner e-newsletter for January. In an effort to engage more with our runners, the team has come up with some awesome ideas for extra content to put into the newsletter. We are considering a runner’s highlight, recipes, training tips, music mixes, etc, and other things that might appeal to our runners. I recently read an article about a local Bay Area runner who has run every day for 13 years (without missing a day). She ran through her battle with breast cancer, has run over 100 marathons, and is a mother of 3 children. Her story was so inspiring. I spoke with her on the phone today, and she told me she had run The San Francisco Marathon 14 times and it is the 1 marathon she runs almost every year.  Look out for the full story when the e-newsletter comes out in January- it is truly inspiring.



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