Lunchtime with Libby

Song to jump start my run: None- just great conversation with Race Director Libby!  Left the iPod in the office!
Distance: about 3 miles
Time: 30 minutes

The holiday season is here!- and along with that comes a New Year (and decade!). We’ve gotten pretty busy here at The SF Marathon preparing for 2010!  Last night we had our staff get-together before taking off for the holidays, so now it is back to work for a day before heading home for the holidays.  I’ve been working on our newsletters, and today sent out a holiday e-card (got to go green!) to all of our supporters, vendors, volunteer groups, government agencies, etc that make our event possible.  The holidays are a time to be thankful and I am SO thankful that we have such tremendous support.

It’s also a time to give back to the community.  One thing that I love about The SF Marathon is our commitment to countless causes and fund raising teams.  This year we have countless participating charity groups that will be fund raising throughout their running experience.  There are so many ways to give and spread the love, and it warms my heart to see how many runners run for a cause with us each year.

Since it’s been a busy week, Libby and I thought it would be a good idea to run at lunchtime today.  We headed out at around noon and ran through the marina neighborhood, along the waterfront, and up into Pacific heights.  Those hills can be challenging, but it was a beautiful day and we pushed each other along.  We went about 3 miles but left our Garmins at the office so we could just talk and not focus on the mileage.  Libby is awesome to run with- she is running the half when we head out to Arizona next month.  She is a super star, she’s run about 14 marathons, a bunch of half marathons, and knows a lot about the sport.  What really makes us successful at putting on The SF Marathon is that we all race ourselves, so we know what is important to runners.  Although we’re all very different, it is great sharing that common thread, and we always have running to talk about.
Beautiful view from Crissy Field on our run- The Golden Gate Bridge on a Sunny Day!
Now I’ve got to rest up, I’ve got a long run this weekend and I have got to burn off all of those goodies we’ve been nibbling at in the office.  Oh well, ‘tis the season!


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