A Joyful Jog!

Song I started the run to today: Holiday tunes played around the neighborhood!
Distance: about 6 miles (3 earlier, then 3 to see lights!)
Time: Not sure, left the Garmin at home!

I have somewhat of an unconventional family.  This evening, to celebrate Christmas Eve, we decided to forgo our usual holiday events to dress up in costume and go run/walk around our local “lights neighborhood”.  My mom (known for her creativity and proud winner of several costume contest) had an original “Carmen Bird-randa” costume (complete with a fake bird on top of her head), my dad was a reindeer, my sister was an elf, and I was a christmas tree with ornaments pinned to my all green running outfit.   When we arrived, we dropped off our canned food donation at the entrance to the neighborhood and festively frolicked off into the night to see the light displays.

It was such a blast- and running made it  easier for us to cover more ground and see more lights faster, warmed us up in the cold, and made it that much more fun!  Other walkers pointed at us and would say “look at those holiday joggers” or “look, its rudolph” at my dad.  The lights were phenomenal, from fountains with music to wood cut outs, every house had a theme.  It was amazing.  Although I left the Garmin at home, we ran around for about a half an hour before heading back home.  This is definitely a tradition we will continue for many years.  But I will definitely need to up the ante to compete with my moms costumes.  🙂
I’m so glad we did this, it was an idea we had at the SF Marathon office as our December runner’s challenge, and I was inspired seeing the other runner’s photos on Facebook.  We will vote for our winner next week- we will see who wins! In my opinion, we all won since this was so much fun.  Now time to counteract my healthy running with some pie, ham, and other family favorites.  Cheers!


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