Countdown to 2010!

Song I started the run to: Hootie and the Blowfish- I only wanna be with you
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 34 mins

Short, easy run today after recovering from the 22 miler this weekend! It was a beautiful day and could not have felt better! There were a bunch of other runners out there too, I’m guessing trying to counteract what they did to their bodies over the holidays. One thing that’s great about being a runner: I don’t really worry about an extra cookie here or there, I figure I’ve always got another opportunity coming up to run it off. 🙂

It’s only 3 days until New Year’s Eve, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ve always been a goal-setter so the prospect of having a clean slate to set goals, plan for the year, and get motivated is fun for me.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year, but further than that who I want to be.

Now, I understand sometimes New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rep because many people don’t commit to them, or they are self deprecating or unachievable.  So I made a few guidelines for my 2010 List:

I will not deprive myself of things that I enjoy
I will not punish myself if I make a mistake
I will set goals that are quantifiable and definable so I know exactly what I want to achieve.
I will make them fun and the ultimate goal is to make myself healthy and happy.

I read an article by another blogger a few months ago about how we phrase our goals.  Instead of telling myself I “should” do something, I say it is something I want and that I’m worth it.  For instance, instead of “I should lift weights at the gym tonight”, I tell myself, “my health is worth it and I deserve to be strong and fit”.

I also think it’s important to put down goals that may not necessarily mean a lot on paper, but they enjoy your quality of life.  Things that make you happy, making that promise to do small things more often.  Like taking photos, soaking in the bathtub, etc.

So off I go to make my list… I think 2010 could be the best year yet!

Oh, and our blankets came in today!  They are so soft and warm, and they’ll be up for sale online by the end of the week!


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