Last run of 2009!

Song I kicked off my run to: Revolver- Madonna
Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1:04
Route: Golden Gate Park

It’s New Year’s Eve, full of excitement in San Francisco. I woke up early and headed out for a morning run in the sunshine through Golden Gate Park. I took my usual 7 mile route in the park, along Middle Drive West. On the way out, it is slightly downhill, and the way back a slight uphill. I like the rolling hills because it adds a little variety to the run. As one of our training team pacer says “hills are not to be feared, they are to be conquered”. I couldn’t agree more.

I finished up the run and went to pick up my sister at the airport, prepared for a fun weekend. She is a runner, too, and training for The SF Marathon. It will be her first, so she’s excited to start training online with us.

The last few days I’ve thought long and hard about what goals I’m going to set for 2010, and here is what I’ve come up with:

  1. Make crosstraining fun! (I tend to hate cross training and want to only run, in order to motivate myself, I am going to try a different method of cross-training each month to mix it up and stay strong. January will be TRX, a resistance workout using your own body weight and a rope-like thing…)
  2. Stretch after ALL runs, don’t be in a rush to go do something else.  (I am very guilty of coming back from a run and just jumping into another activity.  Never underestimate the power of stretching.)
  3. Try a new recipe each week.  (I love healthy cooking, but sometimes forget to try new things.  Variety is key to sticking with eating healthfully.  My parents gave me “The Joy of Cooking” for the holidays so I will have plenty of options to choose from!)
  4. Run 3-4 full marathons (one per season) and 3 half marathons.  Racing is what keeps me motivated as a runner, I look forward to the events, so always having the next event to train for is important so that I don’t get into a slump.
  5. Take a “stay-cation”.  (Pick a time to take a 3-4 day weekend, stay in the Bay Area, and give myself a chance to regroup.  I can hike, run, do yoga, bike, cook, go to the SF museums I haven’t been able to visit yet, try out new restaurants, etc.  I love to travel, but I live in one of the top tourist cities in the country, I just need more time to explore it!)

Sounds like a lot to accomplish looking at it, but I’ve got a whole year, right?


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