2010 Starts off with a Bang!

Song to jumpstart the run: Misery Business- Paramore
Distance: 18 miles
Time: Lost track (forgot to charge my Garmin!)
Route: Lake Merced, Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park

One of my favorite parts of my job at The SF Marathon is connecting with the other runners on social networking sites.  Today as I headed out for my long run, I asked the runners how many miles they were running, too.  I hoped to see if we could make it to 2010 miles to kick off the New Year.  We ended up with a ton of responses on both Facebook and Twitter.  It’s awesome feeling knowing how many other people are out there training, holding each other accountable, and who you’ll probably be standing next to at the starting line of an upcoming race.  It’s fun sharing stories and hearing about everyone’s goals.

In order to hold up my “pledge” of 18 miles, I headed out the door with my Garmin, water belt, GU, and my new shoes on.  The weather was perfect- not too hot or too cold, this has been true of San Francisco weather for the whole time I’ve lived here, it’s pretty mild, so most days are good for running.  I was running about 9 minute miles, feeling good, and enjoying the scenery.  I made my way down Ocean Beach, along Lake Merced.  My favorite part of the run was seeing a little boy (couldn’t have been more than 5 years old) running alongside his dad on his run.  It’s awesome how kids have the capacity to run like that when often adults are challenged by running when they first start.   It’s fun to see this “family fitness”.  I also saw a mom and dad running in Golden Gate Park taking turns pushing their baby in a stroller.

Overall, I finished the run feeling pretty good, my IT Band was a bit sore since I need to do more stretching…  I like this route because there aren’t too many places where I need to stop at traffic lights.  Although, there is a bit of time where I feel like I am out in the middle of nowhere.

With my sister still in town, we are going to go check out the Ferry Building and waterfront on Embarcadero today.   I love the Ferry Building- it’s at the Start/Finish line of The SF Marathon.  They have my favorite coffee- Blue Bottle Coffee, awesome little cafes, and a nice view from the back deck of the water and Bay Bridge.  Also, we’re going to stop by the Hyatt on Market and Embarcadero (this is SFM’s official hotel) because they have amazing decorations this time of year, all decked out in lights and trees, etc.

What a great start to the New Year!


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