Sticking to my Resolutions

Song to start the run today: Coldplay- Clocks
Distance: 7 Miles
Time: 1:00
Route: Panhandle, Golden Gate Park

Staying on track with my resolutions today- I am on track with my training for Arizona, I stretched thoroughly after the run, AND I cooked a new recipe! I made a Chicken Sausage Barley Salad, it was delicious and super healthy!  I don’t think we give Barley as much credit as it deserves- it’s a tasty, nutty grain, but also full of fiber, minerals like selenium and copper (but doesn’t taste like chewing on pennies).

Yesterday, my sister and I rented bikes for the afternoon and biked over to Sausalito.  We biked along the SF Waterfront, up the path to the Golden Gate Bridge, across, and down into town to have lunch.  We found a little candy shop and bought salt water taffy, and enjoyed the sunshine.  It was beautiful!  I loved biking the bridge, I’ve run over it many times, so this was a change.


My run today was great- it is my first day of “tapering” so to speak, but I don’t really cut back mileage much until next week.  I have a love/hate relationship with tapering.  I love that when I’m tapering my roommates (who run less mileage than I do) will run with me, I have more time to kick back and relax, and I don’t get sore, etc.  I also hate tapering because I get a little stir-crazy.  My friends and family often tell me to “take a lap” if I’m acting funny at all because it can almost always mean I need fresh air and a good run.  I also hate feeling completely compared for a race and then having to cut back for 2 weeks right when I feel the most ready to go.  It is definitely a mental challenge to taper, I have to learn not to obsess while cutting back on my runs.    Anyhow, I read this cool article on Runner’ about tapering… Seems I’m not the only one who has mixed feelings.

In The SF Marathon world, we’ve been kicking into high gear preparing for the training program, getting ready to get our merchandise up for sale, etc.  We also decided to help our runners out a little bit and keep the 2009 pricing open for an extra week.  Anyone’s resolution to run SF Marathon this year?  Registration sale expires 1/7/2010 at 11:59 pm.



One response to “Sticking to my Resolutions

  1. I have resolved to run the SF marathon, Marathon #2 for me and Marathon #1 for a friend of mine who I will be cheering on and helping support !
    I’m excited to run a marathon in my hometown and see how much better I do than CIM.
    Happy New Year!

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