Tapering Perks!

Song to run to: Nothing, just chatter with my roommate
Time: 35 Mins
Distance: 4 Miles
Route: Golden Gate Park

Woke up this morning and was more excited than usual for my morning run.  Since I’m tapering, my roommate (who is new to running) decided to run with me this morning.  So far she’s been an avid treadmill user, but I’m on a mission to convert her to the beautiful outdoors.  It was chilly outside, so we bundled up and ran through Kezar track and did a loop in Golden Gate Park.  Kezar was PACKED this morning, must have been the New Year’s Resolutions at work.  I love Kezar, we have our track work outs there for our training program which kicks off in 2 and a half weeks- woohoo!  Anyhow, the run was great, a nice short distance.  Sometimes it’s a nice to lower the mileage and just relax.

I’m getting excited to head to Phoenix with Libby.  We’ll be flying out on Thursday afternoon so we are ready to exhibit on Friday and Saturday at the Rock N Roll Health and Fitness Expo.  I love traveling to the different races for several reasons, 1. It is fun getting a chance to meet and talk to people who have run our course and have feedback, 2. We get the chance to run at the events (multi-purpose travel!) as a nice end to the trip.  For anyone coming to Rock N Roll AZ, stop by our booth and chat with us!  We will have special race discounts, giveaways, etc.

So today I came into the office and Libby had brought her dog in for the day.  We had just gotten a box of our race merchandise in for us to take with us to Arizona, and so we decided to try the shirts on.  Well, we clearly could NOT leave Dublin out of the fun, so we gave him a marathon shirt too.  Doesn’t he just look ready to run?  So cute!

Dublin is a great runner, although he does like to stop and put things in his mouth a lot.  🙂

It’s a good thing we have our new mascot on hand because we can definitely use the support with all the projects we’re working on here!  We’ve gotten busy preparing for the race.  This week we extended our registration fees from 2009 for an additional week, so we had a ton of runners with questions about the course, the training program, fund raising, etc.  We love talking to our runners about their questions but it does keep us busy- with almost 25,000 people to help out!

Another thing about tapering is that I can spend a little bit more time on myself, do more cross-training, etc.  I usually despise cross training, but it’s nice a few weeks before a race since I have to lessen mileage whether I like it or not.  One of my new year’s resolutions was to be more “intentional” about my cross-training, so this month I am going to do TRX fitness classes, next month maybe Yoga.  It isn’t that I don’t like weight lifting or spin class, its that I would just rather run…  I assume I’m not the only runner who feels this way.  Running is an addiction, but I have no intention of curing mine.


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