Doggie Jog

Song I ran to: One Step at a Time- Jordan Sparks
Distance: 10 miles (5 with K-9, 5 alone)
Time: 1:40
Route: Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park

This weekend I’m puppy sitting Race Director Libby’s Lab, Dublin.  He is a very high energy chocolate lab, about a year and a half old.  Libby is still training him to run with her, and I’ve run with from the SF Marathon office before, so I was really excited to take him out for a nice run along the ocean.  My best friend Allie and I bundled up, grabbed the leash and treats and headed straight for the water.  Since I’m tapering, I wasn’t really too concerned with time, which is good since Dublin has a tendency to make a lot of pit stops.  We ran along the water, dodging other dogs, runners and walkers.  Ocean Beach is absolutely beautiful, stretching for about 3 miles, with a running and biking trail on the side, it is a perfect running spot in SF.  Although we had a hard time keeping him away from the water (he’s an avid swimmer), Dublin put in an awesome 5 miles with us!

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Allie is a newer runner, and prefers running on the treadmill at her work.  She started running with me a few months ago and has increased her mileage a lot recently. Yesterday she was determined to get up early and go for our run because she is doing a running challenge with her brother and a few friends.  They started on the first of the month, and whoever logs 31 miles first online won.  She had 3 miles left, and being the competitive person she is, she was not going to let her brother beat her to it.

Anyhow, after the  5 mile loop, I dropped Allie and Dublin off, and they scampered in to log her miles and win the challenge.  I turned around and ran a nice 5 mile loop in Golden Gate Park.  There were runners EVERYWHERE.  I tried a new route in the park, there’s endless options for routes since it’s so big!

We headed home and decided to go to the Marina Greens to play fetch with Dublin.  We thought he might be a little tired from the run, but I was so wrong.  He played and played, chasing after the tennis ball, but mostly birds.  I actually worried about the birds at one point, he came pretty close to catching one!  Fully exhausted, we headed towards home to make dinner.  We decided to try out a new Kebab Recipe with CousCous and a salad-  It was delicious!

It’s been a pretty fun weekend, and I’m getting excited to head to Phoenix.  I love going to other races, Libby and I will be jamming our suitcases full of SF Marathon Merchandise and other goodies.  Then after 2 days of the Expo, I’ll be ready to run the marathon!  Libby and I will both post our race reports next week- she’s running the half.  🙂


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