5 days to Race Day!

Song I ran to:  Fire Woman- The Cult
Distance: 3 miles
Time: 25 minutes

I did something I rarely do yesterday. I ran on a treadmill. This is something I only do when desperate times call for desperate measures. It was around 6pm, and I had gotten stuck in the office hard at work on a few different projects (our new Team Challenge which should be announced within the next few weeks!) and all of the sudden it became very dark outside and the rain started pouring down.

Not one to stray from my training program (especially so close to race day), I popped into the Gym for a treadmill run. I logged 3 short miles before hopping off and heading out the door.

Tapering drives me crazy, it really does. I don’t get tired enough to sleep at night, I spend more time than usual thinking about running, and overall I am thrown off balance. So I read a few tips online from Runner’s World on how to Relax and enjoy the tapering process. Check out the article here.

Also- we just got these socks in (26.2 and 13.1 styles) in the office! My feet got cold so I decided to try some on, and of course Dublin, our top model here in the office then wanted a pair too…

Image Hosting

Alright, I have a little more preparation to do before Libby and I head off to Phoenix!

Run Happy!


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