Bags Packed and Headed to Phoenix!

Song I ran to today: Disturbia- Rihanna
Distance: 3 miles
Time: 26 mins
Route: Kezar and Golden Gate Park

Libby and I are minutes away from heading to the airport- we are so excited to head to Phoenix! The weather should be great, and this event is so much fun to exhibit at each year.

I packed my bags last night and headed out for a short 3 mile loop this morning before Libby picked me up. It was beautiful and sunny, I am learning that winter in San Francisco is not as rainy and gray as I’d imagined. Being from Seattle and everyone comparing Seattle weather to SF weather, I now know that is totally false. 🙂

I woke up this morning to a little goodie basket from my roommate and best friend Allie for Libby and I. She is very supportive of my running, and if she can’t make it to a race always leaves treats for me and a little card of inspiration. So that sealed the deal, I’m ready to run and excited to get to the start line. Or the finish line for that matter… So, I am boarding the plane with my little basket (magazines, GU, Electrolyte Gummies, Luna Bars, Chocolate, mmm!), a TON of SF Marathon Merchandise (my bag is exploding), our big race map, banner, and running gear for all temperatures. You can never be too prepared with outfits for race day.

Time to run- we’ve got places to go and runners to meet at the Expo!



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