Action packed weekend!

No music today- Allie and I laughed and sang through our run
Distance: 3 miles
Route: Kezar and Golden Gate Park

Today was such a busy day, we were hard at work preparing for tomorrow’s training program kick-off! I’m so excited for tomorrow morning, it should be a blast. Also, Libby and I have been working on planning the Expo, specifically organizing the layout and finding ways to make it fun for the runners.

Anyway, the staff had a fun but busy day, so when I headed home at around 5, it was starting to get dark. I asked my best friend Allie if she wanted to go for a quick run when we both got home from work (since its safer in the dark) and somehow I convinced her (I tend to be very convincing when I want people to go for a run with me).

Allie got home around the same time I did, and we both bundled up in my new jackets I got for the holidays. I love them- warm, wicking material, with zip pockets, etc. My favorite part about them is that they have these stretchy hoods with pony tail holes out the back. I’m hoping the trend really picks up because the idea is genius. 🙂 BUT we did look a little funny, I’ll admit.

After a short loop around the neighborhood, we picked up some sushi to go in our neighborhood and headed home. Early night, off to meet all of our trainees in the morning!

Run Happy!



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