12 Miler and TRX!

Today’s Run: 3.5 miles out to Ocean Beach, 5 Mile Training Run, 3.5 Miles home.
Total Distance: 12 Miles
Songs on my iPod today: Imma Be- Black Eyed Peas, United State of Pop- DJ Earworm

Today I woke up with a jolt- I’d slept through my alarm and it was 15 minutes to 8. The training program was meeting at 8, so I threw on my shoes and running gear and jumped out the door. I grabbed a GU and Cliff Bar on my way out, and a few blocks down slipped the GU under a friend’s door- she is training for the AIDS Life Cycle Ride from SF to LA. She had asked about electrolytes and wanted to try one out, so I dropped one off and continued towards the beach.

I ate a half of the cliff bar on my run, if I am running more than 8-9 miles, I have to have something in my stomach. A few miles later, I saw the big group of trainees along the waterfront circled into pace groups. I found my pace just in time and off we went!

My group was a good size- 5 of us. I ran with the SF Track Coach, pacers, and another trainee. We cut into Golden Gate Park, up a little bit of a hill towards 19th street. We took a left at the top of the hill and made a nice loop around the park, past the lake, the windmill, and back to Ocean Beach. Our group talked about Barefoot Running, which has been getting a lot of coverage lately. A few of them had read Born to Run, the Track Coach had done a little bit of barefoot running, and we talked about some of the studies that have been done lately. It’s something we’ve been talking about in the office a lot, too- it’s hard to think about running barefoot when I’m already so careful about buying the perfect stability shoe. I have read a few great articles which definitely make me consider trying the new trend… but I don’t think I’m ready to commit yet.

We got back to Java Beach, stretched, had some water, and chatted. Then I headed back home, another 3.5 miles or so. It was beautiful and sunny all morning.

I was a little bit sore today, since I tried a new “cross-training” routine on Thursday- TRX. It’s a resistance training work-out that uses your own body weight as resistance. It uses a device that you can hook on anywhere, and there are endless exercises to do with it. It was a fun class, definitely a challenge since it takes a little while to get used to balancing, etc. I’m excited to go back next week!

Later, we made whole wheat veggie pizza- check out our recipe here. It’s super easy and healthier than grabbing pizza from a pizza place. Well, I’m off to go enjoy the sunshine.

Run Happy!



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