I ♥ SF

Currently listening to: Chillin’- Lady Gaga and Wale
Distances Run this week: 5 Miles Monday, 2 Miles Tuesday

It’s officially February, and it is my 9 month “anniversary” with San Francisco. When I first moved to San Francisco, it was love at first sight, the scenery and culture swept me off my feet. I have spent a lot of time out exploring, running, eating, walking around sightseeing.

Monday, I went out for a nice 5 mile run from the office later in the afternoon. I must have timed it perfectly because just as I hit the waterfront I saw the most beautiful sunset. It lit up the entire Marina, the boats, the grassy fields, the sandy beach, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Although SF and I have our little spats (muni, laundromats), all I have to do is step outside to remind myself of why I love living here.

A friend of mine was here a week or two ago, and she took these amazing photos while we were out walking.

So as I ran along on Monday night, I thought about February and the month of love. For me that means recommitting myself to the things I love– Running, San Francisco, and Cooking.

Monday was a big day for us at The SF Marathon, too! We announced our partnership with Runner’s World Magazine for the RW Challenge. Runners will be able to train online with Runner’s World Editors and get expert advice from Bart Yasso while preparing for the race. I’m so excited about this program!!

I’m back to training, now preparing myself for the Napa Valley Marathon. My goal right now is to stay in shape and avoid injury since I’ve never run a race so shortly after another. At lunch yesterday, I ran to the gym, did some weight lifting (leg presses, core, lunges, etc) and ran back to the office. I love going out for a run, but getting to the gym to cross-train is a whole different ballgame…

Came home last night and made a new favorite recipe- it’s on our recipes page. Barley salad- yum!  I added in some summer squash with the zucchini and tomatoes- it was delicious.

Back to work- we’ve got a lot to get done by July! 🙂

Run Happy!



One response to “I ♥ SF

  1. Happy Anniversary Sabrina! I can empathize with you on the cross training. I barely have time for running but on my run Monday my knees were misbehaving and I was reminded that I gotta find a way to get in the cross training. Thinking of trying a Daily Method class–just opened one in my ‘hood.

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