Surf City & California Dreamin’

Ocean.  Beach.  Breeze.  Surf.  Sand. Palm trees.  62 degrees.  What’s not to love about the Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA?

I ran the Half there this weekend (1:51 was my time – not great but I hardly trained for it).  I think I placed 80-something in my division.  On the other hand, Surf City gets a perfect score for their surfboard finishers medal (see below).  Normally I don’t get too excited about medals, but I’ll be hanging on to this one!

Another reason to get excited about Surf City is they are part of our California Dreamin’ Racing Series. The Series is made up of three races:  Surf City, The San Francisco Marathon (my personal fav), and Long Beach International.  If you run all three, you get a sweet California-shaped medal and a jacket (plus bragging rights).

I myself am on a quest to complete the Series.  I ran our Full marathon in July (4:08) and look forward to tackling Long Beach in October (Boston-qualifying time to come).  2 down and 1 to go!

I would highly recommend the Series to anyone but especially to East Coast transplants like myself.  What better way to experience the beauty of California than on “the run”?  California Dreamin’ indeed!


One response to “Surf City & California Dreamin’

  1. Love it ! I have completed the Long Beach full marathon and surf city half and now to complete the San Fran Full on the 25th. I am nervous to be this close to completing something because a thousand things could go wrong but we won’t focus on that. Keep up the good work yourself, and enjoy Long Beach, it really is a beautiful run.

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