Back on track!

Today’s Run: Track workout at Kezar with the Training Program
Warm Up, stretching, exercises, sprinting laps, and cool down

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It’s been a while since my last post! I took a week off of running- I got a pretty bad cold and on top of that I was traveling last weekend, overall I took a much deserved week of rest. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body, right? Yesterday Libby sent me a text at around 7AM, a typical “wanna run at lunch?”, of course I can never resist a lunchtime run, so I grabbed my sneakers and headed to the office. I’d been out for a few days, so the work had definitely piled up, but I got through the morning knowing that lunchtime would bring a sunny run with L. It was gorgeous outside, almost like a summer day, so warm and crystal clear.

Fast forward to today, the day started off perfectly- I came into the office to find Matt making smoothies- YUM! We recently reinstated a long-standing tradition of weekly breakfast. This Wednesday was Matt’s turn- so he brought in his blender, some Greek yogurt, bananas, mango, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and orange juice. So good- and the greek yogurt adds some extra protein :).

Already a good start to the day and THEN, our shipment of hats and visors from Headsweats arrived! They look awesome, I love their products because every little detail is constructed with an athlete in mind. They have the terrycloth sweatband on the inside, an easy size adjuster in the back, and great ventilation. Plus, they’re so cute! Want one? Check out our online store!

The rest of the day flew by and when I looked down at my phone at 6, I jumped out of my chair to head to the training program track workout. I made it to Kezar a few minutes late and had missed the warm-up lap, (but technically I did my warm up as I ran to the track!). We did some dynamic stretching, lunges, and other exercises up on the top track before heading down to do some sprinting. We ran 4 laps at a “T” pace, which is a fast pace, but one that you can sustain for a whole lap while still being able to talk a little bit. (This “t” pace was a little bit hard for me to find, so I just followed the pacers). Then we ran a few cool down laps and I headed back up the hill to my apartment. I’ve noticed when I run with the program I’m definitely more “responsible”. By that I mean I am forced to stretch, cool down, warm up, learn about correct pace and form, do all aspects of training that when I train alone I sometimes ignore.

So now I’m back on “track” and training for the next race! Next weekend Libby and I are running the YMCA Chinese New Year 5K in SF, and the last weekend in February I’m running the Woodside Half (I think it’s a trail run) with some college friends. Then hopefully I’ll be ready for marathon #4 in March!

Run Happy,



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