Photo Frenzy!

Distance: 5.6 Miles
Route: Fort Mason, Marina, Crissy Field, Sports Basement, Palace of Fine Arts, Pac Heights
Running Songs: Nothing on You -B.O.B, My Life Be Like – Grits, Hot Mess- Cobra Starship

This week has been a fun filled week of office runs.  I usually do one run from the office at lunch, but this week’s weather has been ideal for my lunchtime jaunts.  The mornings have been a little foggy, by noon it has been sunny like a spring or summer day, and then by evening the cold creeps back in.

Yesterday I headed out with a few goals: 1: to take photos, 2: to test if one of the office Garmin’s was working correctly (Abe made me wrap it around my wrist along with my own Garmin– running with 2 big watches on the same wrist warrants some interesting looks…), and 3: to try a new route (every running magazine I read tells me this keeps you motivated… so I must break myself of my same day to day running route).

So I headed out, double Garmin-ed, phone ready to take pics, and determined to explore.  I did my typical route, up the Fort Mason hill (I call this skunk hill as I always seem to see a rodent scurrying across the path when I’m there), and down along the Marina.  I could NOT believe how warm it was, it even smelled like summer.

I went up the path between Marina Blvd and the waterfront to the beach and then crossed through the little Nature Conservatory over to Sports Basement for some water.

After a little stop for some water, I was back at it, this was my opportunity to switch up my usual course.  I turned right to pass through the Palace of Fine Arts.  Many of my friends who have visited have told me this is their favorite place they’ve seen in San Francisco- its pretty cool.

Now this is where the fun begins- from the Palace of Fine Arts I headed straight up Divisadero with an eager attitude to take on one of the cities biggest hills.  I told myself to take it slow and steady and I’d make it to the top, no problem.  My photos serve as proof (every uphill block) of my personal victory…

So I skipped a few blocks on the photos, but we get the gist right? Tough hill!! Notice how there is GRATING on one block because its so hilly people slip backwards.  Eeeek.  But here’s the reward, check out this view from the top of the hill!  (It just goes to prove that every hill is worth the hurt, right ;)?

I successfully made it back to the office with both Garmins reading the same distance!  It works 🙂  All 3 missions accomplished!

I spent to rest of the day on some Social Media projects- still taking runner stories for the February Challenge.  These stories are really inspiring, hope you all continue to share with us.  Also- we launched registration for the Runner’s World Challenge.  We’re really excited- runners have been asking to sign up, so here it is-  Sign up sign up– can’t beat the exclusive advice from Bart Yasso!

Run Happy,



One response to “Photo Frenzy!

  1. Great story and the pictures just illustrate how fun it is to run up those SF hills. I just did a 15 mile trail run on Sunday in Marin County at Phoenix Lake with a bunch of hills. It was great and wish I took some pictures. Thanks for inspiring me to do more hills.

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