Training Smart

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This week was a whirlwind!  We’ve been SO busy in the office, we’re working on a bunch of new projects, but I’ll talk about those later…

I’ve realized this week that I have a lot of areas I can improve on in my running.  My running style has always been long runs with moderate pace.  If nothing else mattered, I would run around for an hour or a couple of hours every day and that would be all of the exercise I do.

But as many of you runners out there know- that is not smart training.  To train smart and “do the right thing”, I need to do strength work outs, some faster runs, and some slower runs.  This week, I focused in on how to be a healthier, stronger runner.

Monday- Michelle and I ran 7 at an easy/moderate pace.  We ran a few hills but took ran at a “talking” pace.

Tuesday- REST! This is important too 🙂
Wednesday- Weight Training and Track. In the afternoon I jogged over to the gym and lifted weights. Admittedly, I am not a fan of this mostly because I’d rather be outdoors enjoying the sunshine and seeing the world. Then Michelle and I hit the track that night and I did my first ever 1 Mile Time Trial. We ran it in 6:33- not bad! Another part of track that I love is being held accountable for warming up, cooling down, stretching, etc.

Thursday- Easy 4 run. Dublin (Libby’s Dog) and I took an afternoon excursion down to the waterfront. It turned out to be more of an interval run, since Dublin has a tendency to sprint after other dogs, toys, or things he sees along his way, but also needs a pit stop to sniff around every block or so. This run I focused on enjoying the run and playing with the pup! In the end, running should bring you joy, and Dublin definitely knows how to have fun!

Overall, I’m proud of the steps I’m taking to run smarter.

And in SF Marathon News, we’ve got SO much going on!  We just launched our new website!!!

Registration Sale ends today, pricing will be increasing tomorrow at 12:01AM.


We’ve also been preparing for the 18 week training program kick off!

We’re still accepting stories for our February Challenge (a chance to win FREE RACE REGISTRATION!)

Alright, it’s Friday!  Off to have some fun and rest up before a 20 mile training run tomorrow!

Run Happy,



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