Chinatown 5K

This weekend’s runs: 20 Mile Training Run, and YMCA Chinese New Year 5K
Current Playlist: Break Your Heart- Tiao Cruz, Kerosene- Miranda Lambert, Battle Cry- Shontelle, Rude Boy- Rihanna
Routes: Chinese New Year 5k, 20 Miles (Panhandle, Masonic, Presidio, Marina Green, Embarcadero, Mission, Castro)

It’s been an amazing weekend- I’ve covered all areas of San Francisco on my runs and got to run with Abe and Libby! My weekend kicked off with a 20 mile training run.  The SF Marathon Training Program was scheduled to run 7 miles, and since its so fun to train with them, I figured I would incorporate the 7 miles into my 20 miler.   I woke up early and ran from my apartment down to the Marina Greens.  I was a few minutes late so I picked up the pace to catch up to my pace group.  I still haven’t quite figured out which group is the best fit for me, but I have time to pick my pace.  So I put in about 3.5 miles cutting straight down Masonic and through the Presidio  (one of my favorite running spots!).  The training run left Marina Green and headed east along Fisherman’s Wharf and the Embarcadero.  We turned around just south of the Bay Bridge and headed back.  When we got back to the Marina Green, I grabbed an Espresso Love GU and waited for Abe to get back.  A few minutes later we were on our way again, along the same route.  We went back along the waterfront, taking a right at 16th and making our way through Portrero, the Mission, and the Castro to finish up my 20 miles!  It was fun being able to split the run up, doing part on my own, part with the group and then part with Abe.

After the run I was exhausted and my knees were a bit wobbly.  I rested, watched some of the Olympics, and did my best to stay off of my feet.  I definitely need to be stretching and icing my knee more…

A good nights rest later, Libby picked me up at 7 AM ready for action.  We found parking and walked down to the start line, pinned on our bibs and waited for the firecrackers to go off.  At 8 oclock, we were off!  We wove through Chinatown to the waterfront, and back up the hill in a nice little loop.  It was rainy, but it didn’t really bother us since it was a shorter race.  The volunteers were awesome and there was good crowd support.

After the race, Libby and I went to Whole Foods and grabbed coffee and some flowers! Overall, it has been a great weekend.  Off to make my dad’s famous Paella.  I’ll post the recipe once I’m done!

Run Happy,



One response to “Chinatown 5K

  1. Sounds like fun. I was in San Fran this weekend and wish I knew about the Chinatown 5K. I would have run it. Next time …

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