From Running Alone to Running Together!

I started running seriously about 15 months ago.  For me, running was NOT a social endeavor.  There was running and then there was socializing.

In the past, what I loved most about running was the challenge of pressing on despite the pain.  The internal struggle of always having the option to stop when the going got tough, but not letting myself, and then experiencing the rewards of self-mastery  – that was the joy of running for me.  After my toughest runs, I always seemed to be in an elevated state… I was much more engaged with a seemingly more vibrant world.  This heightened experience of life of course spilled over into the social arena and post-run I seemed to be a happier/better friend, sister, daughter, citizen, employee…. A better MK all around!!

I thought this solitary running was the greatest thing ever… but now I think I found something even better: RUNNING AND SOCIALIZING.  Ever since I started going to our Training Program track workouts with Sabrina, I’ve realized how just how fun (and challenging) it is to run with other people.  I used to think this would distract me from my running goals, but now I see that it only makes me work harder and become better (I struggle to keep up with Sabrina aka “Lightning”).  On top of that, it’s a really great way to bond, share some laughs, and feel connected to like-minded individuals.

I’ve crossed over and, in the words of DJ Justice, “I’ll Never be Alone Again” … at least not running anyway… at least not all the time….

Life’s a marathon, keep on running!


2 responses to “From Running Alone to Running Together!

  1. I only started running a couple of years ago. Friends here in Phoenix encourage me to do some local races with them. Now I have the best of both environments. During the week I enjoy solitary runs and I enjoy the “mind” time with my brain and becoming “one” with my shuffle. However, my weekend long runs have become a great way to catch up with my friends who I don’t see during the crazy work/family time and also time to meet new friends as our group expands.

    Here’s to finding your happy pace!

  2. hey Michelle! I usually go to SF to visit my family, but would love to do a run when I’m there! would it be possible to run with y’all on weekends that I’m there? What’s the running schedule?!


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