Half Marathon Mud-Ness!

Run: Woodside Half Marathon, 2/27/2010
Time: 2:10

A few months ago, my friend Alice from college asked me to run the Woodside Half Marathon with her. I checked out the website and figured that it’d be a good “tapering” run before Napa. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Abe came into the office talking about his run that weekend, how he’d gone to check out the Woodside Half course with a friend who would be running it. After fully describing the course, he laughed at my decision to run this race the weekend before the Napa marathon. He warned that it would be muddy, hilly, and that I should wear spiked shoes.

Saturday, Alice and I woke up and nervously drove South to Woodside. When we arrived, we didn’t see many other runners, but I picked up my bib and we stretched and prepared for the challenge. Shortly before the race started, a few hundred runners gathered around and the Race Director spoke. He showed us the start and finish lines (sandwich boards), told us that the course would be hilly but great on the way down, and proudly showed us the winner’s prize: A rubber chicken! Then, we were off and running!

Alice and I ran slowly up the hill, making an 1800 foot climb to the top of the out and back course. It was a narrow trail and wound through redwoods and along a stream, it was very different than the road races I’m accustomed to. It reminded me of hiking with my dad up in Seattle. It was nothing short of a miracle that we made it to the top of the hill, but not without soaking my tennies in mud. We stopped at the aid station where the crew had snacks, water, and Gatorade before heading back down the hill. A few minutes after turning around, the rain started pouring down on us.

We speedily made our way back down the hill, mud splashing onto our legs and rain swelling in our eyes. We took turns setting the pace and cheered on other runners on the trail. When we made it to the bottom, we got our t-shirts and snacks. We finished in 2:!0, definitely not the course to PR on, but definitely worth the trip!

Happy to get out of the rain, we headed back to San Francisco to enjoy the sunny day there. Looking back on the run, it was a lot of fun because of the local feel, the energy the runners shared, and the beautiful trail.

Now it’s time to go find some new DRY shoes to break in before Napa this weekend!  (This run was well worth the new pair of shoes!) Also, we’ve got a ton of projects going on at The SF Marathon office today- Vote for your favorite runner story in the February Runner’s ChallengeThe Runner’s World Challenge is open for registration!  Also, we’re headed up to the Napa Valley Marathon Expo this weekend!  Come visit our booth for giveaways and specials!

Run Happy!


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