A Weekend in Napa

It’s been a week since the race, so I’m definitely overdue for a Race Report.  We’ve been so busy in The SF Marathon office that I haven’t gotten a chance to post about Napa! Earlier this week we launched a t-shirt design competition on 99 Designs– we’re really excited to see what designs we get!  Also, our March Newsletter went out this week, with info about Training, Our Runner Highlight (Sam from Operation Jack– running 60 marathons including The SF Marathon this year!), and a tip to Go Green!

Anyhow, that explains why I’ve been a little slow getting around to blogging about my race in Napa.  The weekend started off great, it was beautiful and sunny in SF, and my roommate Allie and I hopped in the car to go to the Expo.  When we got to Napa, we saw Libby and picked up our bibs and gear.   If you’re coming to run The SF Marathon from out of town, I would definitely recommend adding an extra day onto your trip to visit wine country- it’s beautiful and so close to San Francisco!

We woke up early on Sunday morning, and Allie dropped me off at the starting line.  The sun was shining when the gun went of at 7:00AM, and I was off! I wasn’t paying too much attention to my Garmin but realized later that I was running pretty fast splits.  The course was scenic and had a great atmosphere, the runners were all friendly and cheering each other on.  I made sure to take my GUs early (since I’d had problems in Arizona) and had electrolyte at every aid station.  This definitely helped me with recovery and being able to take GUs and hydrate in the later miles.

I started to slow down a little bit around the 20 mile mark, my ankle was feeling a little wobbly, and I didn’t want to push myself too far and get injured.  It was an amazing day so I just slowed down a bit and still ended up with a new PR: 3:49!

After the race, a few friends who ran the 5k and I grabbed lunch and checked out the wineries.  We had an awesome little vacation.

One of the wineries had a fish pond and a modern art gallery- this was a piece of runners (kind of a video)- perfect for the theme of the weekend!

Back in the city this week, I ran a few recovery miles and relaxed a bit.  I finally got in 7 miles yesterday running along Crissy Field and across the Golden Gate bridge, rocking out to Roslyn’s Playlist the whole way.  Today my roommates and I went to a yoga class and did a little bit of swimming at the gym afterwards (something I don’t do often at all!).  I love running, but it is also important to find balance and reward your body with rest after a successful race.  But, if the weather stays as perfect as it’s been the last few days, I’m going to have a hard time cutting back on my mileage 🙂 , what can I say, I’ve definitely become a Golden Gate Girl.

Left: Garmin after my Saturday run! Right: beautiful “springtime” flowers out at the local market!

Today clocks turned back- SO excited to get those evening runs in again.  I love Springtime… 19 weeks until Race Day!



One response to “A Weekend in Napa

  1. Congrats on the great race and time!

    I know just what you mean about being happy to do evening runs while it’s still sunny out! I’m so excited! 🙂

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