Living the Dream “Lite”

My dream life: DESIGNING apparel while on a CONSTANT RUNNERS HIGH!!  There would also have to be copious amounts of Kombucha, electro-pop music, and SF scenery involved.  What could be better???

I’m currently living the dream “lite”.  I get to rock out to Ladytron, The Knife, Fever Ray, Lindstrom, [insert robotic sounding music with simple, catchy hooks and dance beats] on epic runs over the Golden Gate Bridge and then go to work and advise designers on SF Marathon merchandise concepts.  And, yes, I usually guzzle Kombucha while consulting with the designers.

It’s really no surprise that I love this combination of running and design work so much.  I can’t think of another activity that takes me to such a creative place.  I’m not alone — studies of long distance runners show that 1/3 experience states of heightened creativity while running.  If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

I hope you enjoy our RUNNERS HIGH-inspired designs for The 2010 San Francisco Marathon (coming soon to our online store)!  Because I shouldn’t be the only one getting to have all the fun, we’ve opened up our t-shirt designs to the public.  Check out our 99design contest: The San Francisco Marathon T-Shirt Contest

Go for a run, submit a design, live the dream “lite” with me!

Life’s a marathon — keep running (and creating),


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