Going the Distance

I have fitness commitment issues. You can call it flakiness, inability to maintain focus, whatever.  But throughout the course of my life, I’ve developed the habit of going full-steam into a new activity, immersing myself into it for a period of time and then, like a small child distracted by something shiny, I drop it all and never allow myself to fully realize the benefits of my ‘activity of the month.’

This behavior has plagued me my whole life affecting my participation in everything from Krav Maga to Pilates. I had always attributed this pattern to a need for constant variety and figured I be doomed to this burst and fizzle pattern forever. That is, until I started running.

Compared to my colleagues in the SF Marathon office, I’m a newcomer.  I started using the treadmill at the gym about a year or so ago, just trying to see if I could run two miles without stopping, then three and then four. Then, after moving next to Golden Gate Park, I realized the uncharted territory of running in nature. Suddenly, the treadmill became obsolete and, quite literally having the whole world at my fingertips, everything became a new path to charge down, running became even more exciting and distractions were replaced by new motivations.

I have yet to complete my first full marathon (which I will be running come June 6th) and in the pace category, I’m definitely no “Lightning” or “Bullet.”  (Nicknames the girls came up with on the track…) But, for the first time, I’ve found something that I never tire of. Running has managed to keep me disciplined and I attribute that, in part, to the wealth of knowledge I am getting by working at The SF Marathon.

In the past few weeks, I’ve received tips, especially from Natalie, on new routes for my long runs (across the Golden gate Bridge and back it is), solutions for that now diagnosed IT band pain in my leg (bring on the foam rollers), an answer to what in the world GU is (seriously, I never knew!), the motivation to participate in track training, and my most favorite suggestion thus far, that to purchase a Garmin.

Being surrounded by other people who love and live running is probably the best motivation there is for any new runner. And, although I may have been too weary this morning and decided to push my run back to lunchtime, I’m not tired of running. I’m learning more every day, setting goals and knowing that crossing that 26.2 finish line in June is only the beginning.


One response to “Going the Distance

  1. Just stumbled on your blog and love it! I’m a SF trail running resident. Found it very useful that one of your posts had maps submitted by users. Looking forward to hanging out on these pages as you marathoners get it done.

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