My own Julia/Julie challenge

Sabrina loves to cook so for her birthday last month I bought her a copy of “The Athlete’s Palate” a cookbook compiled by Yishane Lee and some editors at Runner’s World. Its filled with over 100 recipes from chefs who also run. Cool idea, ‘eh? I must have been hungry – the cover picture of pasta and veggies calling to me: I bought myself a copy as well.

After flipping through the book, I was inspired. The ingredients sound so good and the directions are short (read: won’t take a great deal of time to make). I immediately decided I would do my own “Julia/Julie” thing and make all of the dishes, desserts and drinks in the book. I texted Sabrina my plan and she replied that she had already read all of the stories and recipes in her copy and was planning to do the same thing… Cook off on!

I am addicted to carbs – so I gravitated first to the Zucchini Muffins (Beth Pilar and Ellen Sternau) recipe. 20 minutes to mix up/25 minutes in the oven, easy enough! I followed the recipe to a T – except I added golden raisins instead of the other dried fruit options and I sprinkled in some orange rind that I get from the San Francisco Herb Company. (You can order online from them or go into their shop in The Mission.)  Result: delicious! I served them up to my husband for breakfast and then the next night with dinner. Really yummy!

The only change I would make to this delicious recipe is the amount of vegetable oil it calls for- they were just a bit “oily” on the bottom. I would cut back to just 1 cup and, if the mix was dry, I might add some applesauce.

Next up: Either Bridget Batson’s Quinoa Cookies or Rick Mahan’s Potato Leek Soup with Steamed Clams (They are both SF based chef-runners.)


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