Our (sometimes dysfunctional) little family

As Libby mentioned last week, it tends to surprise people that planning The SF Marathon is a full time job.  Year round, 40 hours a week (or more), Monday-Friday, we are here, planning for the one big day where 25,000 runners come together and take the challenge.  There is a lot of work to be done to make this day happen, and not many of us to put it all together.

Some people may not identify themselves by their work, but I am proud to say I do.  Of our conscious hours each each week, we spend almost half of them working, so why wouldn’t it be a big part of my life?  With all that time, it’s hard not to feel like coworkers aren’t friends, or another family.  In this office, I like to say we are one little (sometimes dysfunctional) family. After all, we work, run, dine, travel, cook, work-out, and more together…

I’ve grown to love the team we’ve created.  Every Wednesday is “breakfast day”, where we take turns bringing in homemade breakfast for each other.   Almost every morning, Abe and I make our daily walk to Starbucks where he orders his Mocha, and I order my Americano.  On Wednesdays, Roslyn, Michelle, and I venture to the track to join The SF Marathon training program for their work-outs.  Francis and Michelle take turns sneaking down the street to the store to load the office mini- fridge with Kombucha.

Wednesday Breakfast! Bear Naked Granola, Greek Yogurt, and fruit!

Kombucha- the new rage in The SFM office

We all have our roles in this “family” we’ve created too.  Libby is our “Mother Hen” as we like to call her.   Before her Race Director days, Libby was a teacher.  She makes sure we’re all healthy and happy, and makes sure to shoo us out the door  if we attempt to stay late at the office.  Then we have Michelle, she is like the “Cool Aunt”.  She is creative, has a quirky sense of humor, and has the potential to encourage questionable decisions like skipping a day of work to go down to the beach, shopping for running gear, or go sip margaritas at an outdoor cafe.

Michelle testing out her new camera!

Our family doesn’t exactly have a father figure, but we do have the “Nutty Uncle”, that would be Francis…  He’s also a creative type- very smart, with a dry sense of humor.  He is usually cracking jokes and causing trouble around the office.  He likes to routinely change around desks, suggest that we all leave for the day, and distract people in meetings with the laser pointer.  I always count on him to lighten the mood during a long meeting, or to spontaneously suggest a “field trip”.

Then we have Abe.  I think all the running he is doing to train for his ultra-marathon is damaging brain activity.  While he’s a comic and chatty Cathy, he is also the guru I turn to for training advice.  Abe is Yoda, all knowing and wise.   I always pre-approve training with him.  He refers to me as the “Jedi Knight” that can kick his old-man butt, but I think he’s still got it in him to beat me in a foot race.

Libby and Abe on our trail run in Marin!

Natalie and Roslyn are relatively new to our team.  They moved into Libby and I’s “Girl’s Only Office” just a month or two ago.  As Bart Yasso once mentioned to Libby, The SF Marathon is a race put on by “a bunch of chicks”.  Well, our atrium office is full of the feminine energy.  We’ve got female running posters, candles, flowers, an ipod player shuffling through our tunes, and plenty of “changes of clothes” for those lunchtime runs, gym trips, or yoga classes after work.

Girl's office- full of posters!

I suppose if I had to choose a role for myself, I’d say I’m the youngest child, the baby.  Francis jokes that I’m like having another daughter- always spending money (buying Race Merchandise, Goodie Bags, Finisher’s Shirts, etc).  I light up when packages are delivered to the office, bragging that I “always get the fun mail”.

But my favorite member of our family?  Our mascot, Dublin Moon.  No offense to the others, I think the feeling is mutual, he’s the coolest guy around.  Dublin is Libby’s Chocolate lab, he’s about 18 months old, and a very playful pup.  He’s pretty hard not to love, and spends his days curled up on his SF Marathon blanket, or nosing his way into our meetings.  He does get a little restless periodically throughout the day, but there are plenty of people to take him out to play.  He’s got bones, treats, toys, tennis balls, and other loot sprinkled around the office.

Dublin Moon paying a visit to my desk

Dublin's naptime...

Put together, we’re a pretty dynamic team.  So as I sit here at “work”, surrounded by yoga pants, running shoes, homemade Kombucha, excessive amounts of post-its, and a puppy at my feet, I can’t help but smile.   So as I once was told, “Find a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.



5 responses to “Our (sometimes dysfunctional) little family

  1. Im jealous. I want to work there! Granola, morning runs, dogs in the office…so awesome!

    Can’t wait for the ‘thon!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great place to “work”.

  3. I’m with Molly!!! Only, I want to stay in PHX for a while!!!

  4. Sounds like a great place to work! I’m seriously in love with Dublin Moon, too cute! 🙂

  5. I am trying to reach for the event change but no response for almost 8 days. Except for one mail from sabrina.

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