Running Green!

As a runner, I have found a deeper appreciation for the environment, the public parks, city streets, and paths that I scamper along on my daily runs.  These roads and trails are the places I go to unwind, breathe, and center myself.  That is why I’m so thankful to live in a place with lush green trees, sandy beaches, pebble paths, grassy fields, and air fresh off the ocean.

I think all of us at The SF Marathon would agree that we’d like to keep this city (and planet) in pristine condition.  So this Thursday April 22nd, in honor of Earth Day, we will all be running to work and hope you’ll join us!  Here are the details:

Beginning at 8AM, Abe, Libby, Francis, Michelle, Roslyn, Natalie, and I will leave our homes to run to work.  If you want to join us, we will be out running (scattered around different SF neighborhoods) with prizes for runners who find us on our way to work.  We will be out running until about 9AM.

We will each have one free race registration to give out, socks, discounts, hats, and more.  If you find us- you can choose any prize we’ve got left!  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me, you’ll get your training run in for the day, spare the environment, and win cool stuff!

Stay tuned, we will be posting details on what/who exactly to look for, and tips on how to find us later in the week.

So lace up your shoes this Thursday and run green with us!



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