Saving the Planet: One run at a time

Running is a pretty “green” sport right?  We use our legs, feet, and a pair of shoes to travel wherever we choose to go that day.  When I moved to the city back in May of 2009, I ditched my car and decided to bike, run, walk, BART, and Muni around town to save the headache of parking and traffic.  So far, I don’t have a bike, so my daily commute is either a bus or my two feet.  Lately, as the days have gotten longer and sunnier (approaching summer!), I’ve gotten into running home from work.

So for Earth Day, why not run TO work?  It was a pretty simple idea, we packed up gear in our new San Francisco Marathon Backpacks (they’re perfect for commuting- tons of pockets for shoes, laptops, waterbottles, etc) and decided to leave our houses at 8AM sharp.  When I walked out my door, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  The sun was shining down as I made my way to Kezar Stadium (where we have our Training Program Track Workouts), through Golden Gate Park, up through the Richmond and Presidio, and then weaving my way through Pacific Heights to the office.   I bumped into a few runners along my way, giving a woman in San Francisco Marathon 2007 Race Shirt a free race registration– she seemed pretty surprised by my offer.   I gave out the rest of the gear to runners who all looked equally as surprised that I was running around with a backpack of free stuff, but I think I had the most fun giving it all away.

The most fun part was seeing our Twitter and Facebook feeds come in on my phone as I ran.  A bunch of our fans/followers were inspired to run to work, saying “Thanks for the Challenge”.  Laura from Sacramento ran 7.5 miles to work and posted these pics of the run:

Blake took the challenge all weekend, biking, running, and conquering all kinds of weather before finally “rescuing the gas guzzler” on Sunday.

Here’s what a few of the staff had to say about the run:

“This year for Earth Day we decided that we would all run to work and share some of the cool stuff we have here in the office with our loyal facebook followers. At first this sounded like a great idea. Then I remembered that I was on Dublin watch and that I live about 5 miles from the office. Dublin and I made this trek home once in the past. It took us almost 3 hours to cover the distance as he ate EVERYTHING in his path. Really, San Francisco residents, we need to put our food garbage in a can of some sort and not toss it in the cross walk, in the gutter or on the sidewalk. Please! A Labrador’s health is at stake!
As flashbacks to this day made me wary, I agreed to get out and run, but decided Dublin and I would need to be dropped off close to the office. Our neighbor dropped us off at Crissy Field and we began our Green Day run along the sunny waters of the SF Bay. What a great way to start the day! Dublin was beside himself running in the grass at Crissy Field (his 2nd favorite thing to do) and then taking a swim at East Beach (his absolute favorite activity!) Typically we take a quick walk in Golden Gate Park, so today felt like Saturday.
There were so many people out running, walking, riding. It’s amazing how health conscience our City is. I love being a part of it. I counted 5 people wearing past San Francisco Marathon t-shirts and 12 dogs (I always count dogs when I run.) While few of the runners that passed me stopped to chat, I was able to pass out a few shirts and some other swag to people who were willling to chat with my wet dog and me. I think we made some people’s day!”

“My Earth Day route took me from Noe Valley through the Castro and down the multi-cultural Market Street Corridor until I reached the elegant Waterfront on the Embarcadero.   I meet all kinds of people: runners, walkers, businessmen and women, and tourists all having great importance on Earth Day.  My goal that day was to reward runners for running either to work or for pleasure by handing out San Francisco Marathon Gear as a thank you for helping save the earth.”

“On Earth Day, I did one of my favorite runs: I started at Pacific Heights, then down to Crissy Field / Marina Green, through Fort Mason, and back up to Russian Hill.  This delightful course gave me the chance to enjoy trees, sand, fields, fresh air and more natural wonders.  I stopped several runners along the way and handed out SF Marathon goodies.  One of the runners was an Entrepreneur who started an eco-friendly company.  We bonded over fitness and going green.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day!”

Hope you all had as much fun as we had exploring and celebrating the beautiful day!  Keep running and having the planet!



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