About the Bloggers

Working for The SF Marathon presents us with fun challenges every day, it is a blast.  We run, work, cook, and explore San Francisco together as a team.  Here’s some info about our bloggers:

Sabrina: A recent transplant to San Francisco, she is counting down until the day when she and her roommate can get a dog. She’s currently training for her 5th marathon.  For 2010 she is working on improving her weight training, track workouts, and yoga practice.  Her philosophy: Nothing feels better than a pair of broken in running shoes or a new running outfit.  Sabrina loves trying out new races, Bikram Yoga, Healthy Cooking, Dark Chocolate, Dogs, and Farmers Markets.

Luke: After living in the Bay Area for over 10 years, he’s developed a love of running, farmers markets, fine wine, mountain biking, and swimming in the Bay.  Once an SF Marathon Training Program Trainee, this year will be his first as a pacer for the program.  He is known among trainees for his knowledge of stretching, cross-training and his love of hills and ice baths.  When he does escape from his San Francisco home, Luke can be found traveling all over the world to places like India, Austria, Thailand, and more.

Libby: The Race Director.  Libby has completed 14 marathons and is currently training for The Flying Pig Marathon.  She spends her free time pampering her pooch Dublin (Chocolate Lab) and hanging out with her husband.  Libby LOVES running (see a theme here?), yoga, red bull, living “Green”, trying new recipes with her husband, watching “The Wire”, and traveling.

Abe: Training Program Coordinator.  Abe has run 29 full marathons and countless half marathons.  He is a runner tried and true.  Originally from the mid-west, he will run in any weather, rain, sun, snow.  He is currently training for a 24 Hour Charity run to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  He spends his spare time running, biking, and resting with his wife and cats.  Abe is anything but shy, rather he is painfully friendly and tends to joke around a lot in the office.

Michelle: Originally from Ohio, Michelle first crossed paths with The SF Marathon when she flew across the country to run the race.   Her experience inspired her to settle into beautiful San Francisco and shortly after she came to work for us!  She can usually be found exploring local coffee shops, running, biking, boxing, or doing yoga.  Her 2010 goal?  To complete the California Dreaming Racing Series: she will finish in Long Beach in October.  She is trendy and hip and is always finding new music to stream through the office.

Francis: Although he’s been working in the running industry for years, Matt’s interest in running has recently been renewed by the barefoot running phenomenon.  Matt can be found hopping out of the office in his new Vibram 5 Fingers or going to train at the gym.   He is a vegan, but loves to find new restaurants and can always give a good recommendation for a place to eat.

Roslyn: New to the SF Marathon team, Roslyn has recently kicked her running into gear while training for her first marathon.  She’s run a few half marathons, and is well on her way to the finish line for her full marathon in June.  She finds her inspiration to run through music, and is a complete “playlist junkie”.  Her favorite part of living in San Francisco?  Being able to catch a show/band playing any day of the week.

Natalie: Natalie began racing about 5 years ago, and has become an avid (and fast!) runner.  She’s completed countless marathons, and is currently looking forward to going to Boston in April.  Natalie can be found on the track, at her weekly Spanish classes, or out finding a good salad at a local lunch spot.  She is actively involved in her racing team, and loves to travel and try out new road races.


One response to “About the Bloggers

  1. i love your site! i just recently came across it and enjoy the stories and info!
    i’m training for my 1st marathon, which happens to be SF 🙂
    check out our blog: http://runningdsquared.wordpress.com


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